Easy way to sync local files to iPhone 8/X (iOS 11 Included)

This article will teach you how to sync movies, music, and photo files from computer or old iPhone to your new iPhone 8/X.

Many of you may have updated your old iPhone to iPhone 8/X after they are widely releasing on the market. The bigger screen iPhone 8/X can make you achieve another upper level of entertainment. Although your phone is updated, many files including movies, music in older iPhone should be much treasure. Then how can we move these media files to iPhone 8/X? And as a owner of new iPhone 8/X, are you wondering how to transfer your local files from your computer to iPhone 8/X for playing? Follow this guide below to find the solution.

Part 1. How to Transfer files from Old iPhone to New iPhone 8/X

Method 1: Via iTunes

Before transferring, pls make sure that you have installed latest version of iTunes

1. Launch iTunes and connect your old iPhone to the computer with USB cable. iTunes will detect it and shows it under DEVICES.

2. Right Click your old iPhone and choose Back Up Now to backup datum for your old iPhone.

3. After that , pls disconnect your old iPhone. After that, connect your new iPhone with computer.

4. In new iPhone control panel,click Restore Backup….Choose your old iPhone’s backup file and restore it to your new iPhone 8/X.

Method 2:Via iCloud

If you have had iCloud backups of your old iPhone already, you can log in iCloud on your new iPhone 6 (Plus) (go to Setting -> iCloud -> Enter your Apple ID info -> then you will get a iCloud terms doc, agree it) and restore the iCloud backup on the device.

Note: The time of above process is according to the amount of data contained in the backup and your Internet connection.

Part 2. How to Transfer local files from computer (Mac&PC) to New iPhone 8/X

Method 1: Via iTunes

1. Connect iPhone 8/X with computer via the USB cable.

2. Click “File > Add Files to Library” at the upper left corner of the window. Then select the video files on your computer and click Open to add the media files to the iTunes library.

3. Go to your movies folder and choose the movies you want to copy to your iPhone. Choose Movies in iTunes Library, right click and Paste the movies you selected from computer local folder.

4. Choose your iPhone in iTunes, and tap on Sync Movies to transfer the movie you want to sync to your iPhone 8/X. The sync process will be started immediately.

Method 2: Via Dropbox

Besides iTunes, iPhone 6 users can also choose Dropbox to transfer local video and music files to their iPhone 8/X from PC&Mac.

1. Download and Install Dropbox app on both of your computer and iPhone 8/X. (2 GB for free)

2. Run Dropbox on your PC or Mac, and move the files into the dropbox folder

3. Open Dropbox on your iPhone 8/X and then the videos and music will show up.

Actually, there are so many ways for users to move files from computer/old iPhone to new iPhone 8/X. Search and find the solution!

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